Open Door Stoke-on-Trent is blessed to have a two multi occupancy substance free houses within our growing charitable service. 


This Houses offer a warm, safe and welcoming environment with some support element from our fantastic volunteers and support workers.


They are aimed at housing our homeless and vulnerable ‘friends’. 


It offers them a chance to gain a proven tenancy record so that they can move on to independent accommodation when they feel ready.


The aim is to help them gain confidence and improve self-worth while being supported to gain the valuable life skills they will need to maintain an independent tenancy with a cushion of support along their journey. 


The properties are set in a peaceful safe areas on the outskirts of the city, We can accommodate nine friends over the two properties and there is no time limit to their stay, unlike many supported accommodation providers. 


This is an ideal accommodation for people that are stepping out of fully supported accommodation but don’t feel quite ready to be completely independent.  Or after long prison sentence and some extra support is needed to settle back into the community. 


We welcome friends with mental health or after rehabilitation from substance misuse. 


The houses are there to make a difference to people lives. We ask that our friends that want to stay In the properties genuinely want to make a positive difference in their own lives.


There are communal rooms in both properties and we are supported by other organisations that provide support groups using these areas.


External agencies are more than welcome to refer into the service and should you require more information please contact 07715107014or message our enquiry link.

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