You can donate to Open Door via Local giving  

We provide hot meals and drinks and desperately need donations, particularly of the following items:


Eggs, TomatoesBreadBaked beansTeaCoffeeSugarMilk


Unfortunately, due to Food Standards Agency regulations, we are unable to accept donations of fresh meat.
We purchase our meat from Wayne Walker and so accept Wayne Walker vouchers


We have a donation point at Sainsbury's in Hanley and need donations of:


  • Meal in a tin

  • Biscuits and chocolate

  • Tinned vegetables and potatoes

  • Toiletries

  • Tinned fish

  • Tinned pudding

  • Tinned fruit

  • Sugar

  • Fruit juice and squash

  • Instant mashed potatoes

  • Tinned meat

  • Clothes

  • Coffee

  • Long Life Milk

  • Cereals


At each drop in there is a ‘Giving Away Table’ containing a large variety of items for the Friends of Open Door to take away. On this we put the bread we get from Sainsbury’s, Sandwiches from Greggs the fresh fruit and vegetables from Marks and Spencer and anything else that has been donated throughout the week that isn’t suitable for a take away food bag.
Everything that is donated is used and appreciated.